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H A Y D E N: lawrence-colonel: ko-daaa: “Nice to meet you guys! And yesh Dean,...


“Mister Dean, you ought to stay away from water with your watch,” Koda stuck her tongue out at him, moving so she could poke him again, with a laugh. “Yeah, Ian and Toby…” She decided to leave that subject where it was, realizing Dean had mentioned shadow traveling. “Wait! So you can shadow travel? Dude, that’s amazing!” Koda glanced at Lawrence, watching intently as he worked on Dean’s watch. His nimble fingers worked quickly and efficiently to disassemble it. “Lawrence, that’s really cool.” She smiled at him, and then resumed poking Dean.

"Thanks. Someone taught me how to do it." He replied. "If that’s the case, then the gears just need to be dried and the battery needs to be replaced. You can probably ask Hephaestus kids for that part." He said as he finished wiping the gears with a small piece of cloth and assembled the parts again. He handed it to Dean.

"Who’s Ian?" He asked ignorantly.

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"Nice to meet you guys! And yesh Dean, that’d be me. Are you and Ian close?" Koda cocked her head to the side with a grin. "So what have you two been up to lately?" She shook her hood off her head, and upon noticing that Lawrence was looking at her hair, she turned it a bright, electric purple, with a laugh.

Lawrence found it weird that it seemed as if her hair color was changing and caught himself staring at it as her head bobbed from one side to another and transformed. He was jarred back to reality when she let out a laugh.

"Oh, right. The watch." He said, taking it from Dean’s hands. He took a good look at it and tapped the back side. "Did this get wet or did you drop it?" He asked, while he pulled out a Swiss knife from his left pocket and started disassembling the parts.

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H A Y D E N: lawrence-colonel: ko-daaa: Koda jumped down from the ledge she had...


“Hi guys,” Koda smiled, waving cheerfully. She recognized the second boy, having seen him around camp a few times and smiled when he commented on her outift. Turning to the other boy, she nodded. “Yep, that’s me. Koda Paledekis, Cabin 17, Daughter of Morpheus. I’ve never seen you before, what’s your name?” She spoke really fast, excited to meet new people, and now completely awake, a large grin on her face. “And sorry, if I were you, I’d keep any form of technology faaaaar away from me - we don’t get along.” She laughed, poking the other boy, Dean, she thought his name was.

"Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else with that sort of hairstyle." He smiled. "No, but I may be able to help." He turned to the boy. He’s seen him a few times around camp and while going to the Hades cabin and assumed that he’s cabin 13’s only boy camper. "Dean, right? Lawrence from cabin 6." He introduced himself, assuming that Dean does not know him.

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